Prescription Drug Programs

Check your plan materials to see which of these prescription drug programs are available or apply to you.

Step therapy
Step therapy encourages the use of generic drug options, when possible.

Quantity limits
Some prescription drugs have a maximum quantity that can be given to a patient within a certain period of time.

Specialty pharmacy program
Specialty drugs are used to manage conditions such as multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, hepatitus and rheumatoid arthritis. Order them from a specialty network pharmacy to get convenient home delivery, savings and support.

If you're eligible, you can save by getting a 90-day supply of prescriptions that you fill regularly. Choose to order by mail or visit a pharmacy in the 90-dayRX network.

Over-the-counter drugs
Some plans cover specific over-the-counter drugs, including certain antihistamines and proton pump inhibitors for acid-related stomach disorders. Using the over-the-counter versions can save you money.

Retail pharmacy vaccine program
CCStpa offers an optional retail pharmacy vaccine program for certain vaccines.

Preventive drug program
CCStpa offers employers an optional preventive drug program that covers prescription drugs before employees have met their deductible.

Value-based design program
The value-based design program helps employers manage their overall health care costs and can help lower employees' out-of-pocket costs for some drugs.